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Finish The Story

Nicola - Exeter 1983

Quote: Gajoob 1990 (review of En Face‘) A suave female lead vocalist steals the show on several of the cuts’


Every Angry Word (demo) recorded in Sound Conception Studios. Bristol in 1982 – listen or download

Finish The Story are one of Worcestershire’s lost bands. Sinister, brooding, icy, haunting and ethereal – their music was like nothing else at the time and very little since.

Initially formed for a one off gig, Finish The Story went on to support The Cure and were voted one of the best live bands of 1982 (beating U2), before splitting up without ever releasing a record.

The three core members of Finish The Story; Nicola Mumford (Vocals), Peter Bright (Bass/Guitar) and Garry Smout (Keyboards) hailed from Evesham and Bromsgrove.

The band were born out of tragedy after the death of Stuart Dyke in a car accident. At the time he was Nicola’s boyfriend and bass player with Evesham group The Dancing Did. (BBC)




 Finish The Story

Live Bootleg (CD)

Disc: £4.00

This disc is a record of the live gigs that Finish The Story did between 1981 and 1983. These tracks are the only known live recordings ever made (as far as we know). The quality is not brilliant but the performances are. The first two tracks have only recently been discovered – does anybody know where the recording originates from? The Exeter gig is the audio from a VHS video of the gig.

This is worth getting as it is a rare glimpse into the mythology that was the early Finish The Story.

1. Alone With A Picture In A Matchstick Frame
2. Chant Of The Boxed In Society
3. Dressed Up In White
4. Every Angry Word
5. The Righteous Talk Of Remembers
6. Empty Vessels (Make Most Sound) 7.
The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp
8. Me Accusing Me
9. Contenders To Play
10. Playing At Life

Nicola Mumford: Vocals
Garry Smout: Keyboards
Peter Bright: Guitar and Bass



LOVE THIS! “This simple video was recorded on a domestic VHS camcorder in 1981 and was played before Finish The Story’s…

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